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Without Warning publishes their 5th single ”Dark Abyss”

Music is supposed to awaken different emotional senses and Without Warning has released a single that does exactly that. “Dark Abyss” is an desperate journey to the bottom and about accepting your fate. - This piece was looking for its place for a long time and I was almost putting it away in the archives. But the song got a new chance when I was inspired by the lyrics Micha wrote. A deep connection grew between the musical and lyrical part which I believe will reflect to the listener as well. Says Aleksi Rintala, producer/bassist. The single includes the bands recognizable strong electronic elements which fulfill the ambient world. The dark, vulnerable and melancholic world showcases the bands capability to mold their productions in a multidimensional way. - The lyrics describe a journey towards the darkness and giving up. When you lose your last strength and can no longer fight, but give in to the deep embrace. It is very important for me that the lyrics have a meaning, literally or metaphorically. This is a personal piece of my life and I hope to shed some light on mental health issues a lot of people face. The unfortunate truth is that we see way too many lights go out when the battle wins the fighter. Says vocalist Michaela “Micha” Tuomenoksa. Without Warning has also released a lyric video which includes the distinctive visual identity of the band. The dark depth is heavily included in the marketing material and it lures you into the mysterious world of Without Warning. The single is a strong continuing on the bands previously published singles. LISTEN Dark Abyss single on streaming services:


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