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  • Jason Hesley

WinterheartH present "Rape Of Eden"

Short Bio: After regional and international success with their third LP Riverbed Empire, WinterheartH returned to the studio to record their follow up EP Rape of Eden. With the help of professional mentoring from Anabelle Iratni (Veile, Ex-Cradle of Filth) the band now has a much more direct approach to their music. Abandoning some of the longer progressive elements in favor of blasts and rage that will wake the dead. Each song on Rape of Eden reflects on a different plant and how it will destroy the human body and soul. This is relevant to the theme of Ecocentrism, a point of view that focuses on the ecosphere rather than the biosphere. The EP also features WinterheartH’s second released cover which is an instrumental take on the Japanese Folk song Sakura, Sakura. This was chosen due to the fact the Sakura(Cherry Blossom) is an unofficial national plant of Japan that also symbolizes rebirth. While writing and recording Rape of Eden WinterheartH has recruited drummer Nathan Manuel and quickly returned to playing show circuits. This included performing at the 2022 East Coast Music Association’s Loud Showcase in Fredericton, New Brunswick and opening for Quebec Black Metal band Necronomicon. The band is set to perform again at the 2023 ECMA Loud Showcase in Halifax, Nova Scotia and will be opening for New Brunswick’s Diner Drugs shortly after. Rape of Eden shows that although WinterheartH may be legends and veterans in their markets, they show no signs of slowing down in the unforeseeable future.

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