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  • Jason Hesley

Widow's Peak unleash a video for 'Claustrophobe'

On July 7th Canada's Widow's Peak, purveyors of incredibly atmospheric, immersive and destructive technical death metal will unveil their debut full length album, Claustrophobe. A remarkable album of accomplished musicianship, defiant individuality and intimidating power Claustrophobe is destined to imprint the name of Widow's Peak into the consciousness of extreme music fans everywhere. Today the band offer an opportunity for a first taste of the majestic maelstrom to come with a video single of the album's title track, 'Claustrophobe' itself. Filmed against a dramatic backdrop of the frozen landscape of the band's homeland, one of the album's most direct and punishing tracks is unleashed in all its fury. Speaking about the 'Claustrophobe' single, Widow's Peak guitarist Chris McCrimmon commented:

"'Claustrophobe' is a whirlwind of aggressive and energetic Canadiana. Bouncy, powerful, and diverse - like the Spice Girls, but worse!"

Watch the video for 'Claustrophobe' now at the Widow's Peak YouTube channel:..

...and prepare yourself for one of the most intense and dynamic albums of the year - when Claustrophobe the album explodes from the ice on July 7th.

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