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  • Jason Hesley

WAZZARA release Music Video for "visiûne"

In the hauntingly evocative strains of "visiûne", WAZZARA beckons us into an ancient, archaic vision of a visionary, foreseeing millennia steeped in misogyny and stifling of creative thriving. The very name, derived from Old German, speaks volumes: "vision."

"visûne" is part of the Swiss blackgazer’s EP "Ombreine", released in April 2023. For the visualization, the band teamed up with the creators of

Singer Babs explains about the lyrical background of "visiûne":

"The song unravels the tale of a spirit silenced and constrained, burdened by the weight of tradition. It resonates with the resilience of those who have fought against the currents of conformity, seeking to break free from the shackles that bound them. 'visiûne' stands as a reminder that the pursuit of unfettered self-expression knows no bounds and is dedicated to the enduring spirit of those who, against all odds and impending persecution, dared to dream and create."

Archaic visions !

.. no rest for the wicked, they say - and so WAZZARA expanded in 2021 with Deniz Lebovci on drums and in 2022 with Tom Kuzmic as another guitarist.

At the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023, the profound band recorded three new songs, which has been released as EP "Ombreine" on April 30, 2023. Like the water, which sometimes appears quietly dreamy, sometimes wildly roaring, you can experience the formation live today near and far. In addition, and since the beginning of WAZZARA history, Barbara shows up here and there with her ethereal songs also as a WAZZARA solo performance act.

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