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  • Jason Hesley


VULNIFICUS was formed in October 2021 with the idea of bringing death metal back to its early sounding roots.

VULNIFICUS pushed death metal back to its extreme limits with their debut "INNOMINATION", released November 26, 2021. Drawing comparisons to old Cannibal Corpse, Condemned, Defeated Sanity, Mortician and others, VULNIFICUS signed a deal with New Standard Elite and shortly released their debut single "Induced Rampage".

VULNIFICUS began to record the follow up to their debut EP in December 2021, titled "INVOCATION". "INVOCATION" which released June 10, 2022 to an overwhelming response from fans and put the brutal death community on notice with the release of their singles "Coerced Into Compliance" and "The Incredulous Invocation"

Unfortunately, the first tour in the band's history could not be completed as Wilson decided to leave the band. Shortly after, left as the sole member of VULNIFICUS, Eston recruits Jamison Parker (Prophecy of Suffering), Mike Jones on bass and Evan Daniele (Dead and Dripping) on guitar. Together with the completed lineup, VULNIFICUS prepares to debut this group for their next offering on New Standard Elite.

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