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  • Jason Hesley

VRSA Announce New Album, "Saltwater Circadian" Out Now!

Hailing from New Haven, Connecticut, USA, an area traditionally known for Hardcore and Metalcore, VRSA decidedly diverges from that with their progressive post-metal sludge. Drawing from the heavy roots of the culture, VRSA embodies these elements while also allowing their sound to venture beyond confining limitations. The quartet's upcoming album, Saltwater Circadian, will be released on March 30th, 2024. 

VRSA comments:

"The first single and the title track comes from a general understanding and a realization that humanity as a whole has always been drawn to the sea whether it's for exploration or just to walk on the beach and breath the salty air. It brings to mind the stories of HP Lovecraft and the hypnotic allure of Cthulhu."

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