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VREID releases "Into the Mountains," ft. Valfar's (WINDIR) Original Recordings!

Sognametal veterans VREID are now releasing "Into the Mountains," a very special track from their upcoming full length, 'Wild North West.' "Into the Mountains" is a homage to the Sognametal spirit and legacy. The ideas for that track were written in 2002 by Jarle ‘Hváll’ Kvåle and late WINDIR frontman Terje ‘Valfar’ Bakken. Inspired by these ideas, Hváll wrote the song and included the original demo keyboard tracks from 2002, which were recorded back then by Valfar. The song and its accompanying video, which is the latest chapter of the band's ambitious film project, can be found at THIS LOCATION.

VREID songwriter and bass player Jarle Hváll Kvåle comments:

"'Into the Mountains' is the essence of Sognametal, a hymn to Sogndal and a celebration of our ancestors and legacy. Late winter 2020 preparing for the new album, I went through my old recording hard discs and I found some old ideas for riffs that I had made in 2002. It was from a session between the 1184 and Likferd albums. I also found some unused keyboard parts recorded by Valfar from the same period. I could not remember neither of these and became euphoric by rediscovering this. So, I blocked out the outside world, locked myself in the studio, and it instantly send me 20 years back in time. I felt Spellbound working on this song. For a few days it felt like me and Valfar was working together in the studio again, and what a weird and fantastic session this was. The dynamic of working together with Valfar is something that I will always miss, and these strange days was like a time travel into a lost time. The result of this session is 'Into the Mountains,' a song that feels so pure, fresh and vital for us, yet with a great homage to our olden times. Life is a strange curvy road”

Moreover, VREID recently announced their exciting and unique partnership with the Sogndal Football Club! The club has for many years been known for developing and cultivating extraordinary talent, as the men's team currently plays in first division, the second tier of the Norwegian football league system. Now, Sogndal Football Club is paying tribute to the band that has brought Sognametal to the whole world, by putting the logo of metal veterans and forefathers VREID on the chest of player’s uniforms for this upcoming season.

ICYMI: VREID has recently appeared on Norway's TV2, the biggest commercial news station in the country! The clip spotlighted the band's 'Into the Mountains of Sognametal' livestream, which attracted over 140,000 fans from all over the world when it premiered in June of 2020, as well as the band's ambitious upcoming album and film. The TV2 news item can be seen HERE.

'Wild North West' is a concept album that developed alongside an entire movie. Inspired by both true events and pure imagination, the listener is taken on a whirlwind of a journey, diving deep into themes of war, fear, betrayal, loss, anxiety, and madness with thought-provoking lyrics that embody human nature. It captures the Nordic heart at the core of their sound, taking cues from Norway’s rugged landscape as it ricochets between eternal darkness and the solace of bracing light.

'Wild North West' will be released on April 30 via Season of Mist in various formats. Pre-orders are available HERE.

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