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  • Jason Hesley

VIOLENT MAGIC ORCHESTRA Release 'Supergaze' Single!

Getting their main influences from the first wave of black-metal, Violent Magic Orchestra harmoniously integrated the genre of metal music with techno, industrial, and noise in the form of an art-project – a luminous, blinding light. Black metal meets Kraftwerk. Aphex Twin invaded by Burzum. While, the newly released 'Supergaze' single is something that can be described as crystalline blizzard tearing through space.

A total blade-running effect described by the members as "the song that makes people mosh and dance like crazy under it". Currently the unit that consumes the greatest quantities of electricity at live houses and clubs. The total power consumption of VMO is 5000W (equivalent to 56 amplifiers). Finally, the doors of the Death Rave are open.

BIO: Violent Magic Orchestra combined numerous genres and sub-genres of music united together in a form of live-performances with the contribution from Kezzardrix - a maestro of live-visuals with strobe lights and smoke machines accompanying band’s performance.The Body's Chip King, Sunn O))) and Mayhem’s Attila Csihar were featured on band’s debut ‘Catastrophic Anonymous’( released via Virgin Babylon Records/ Deathwish’s subsidiary Throatruiner Records ).In June 2020, the ‘Principle of Light Speed Invariance’ EP was released and distributed through the label Never Sleep, founded by Gabber Eleganza, becoming the first release featuring new vocalist - ザスター (“Xasthur”).Violent Magic Orchestra has been heavily touring since 2020 including performances at Roadburn Festival, Bangface, Brutall Assault, and Le Gues Who?, CTM Festival and Berghain.

The band appeared on both days at the two-day installation party “Sheepman” created by Asian Dope Boys' Tianzhuo Chen, and held at the Kyoto International Performing Arts Festival in 2021.The long-awaited second LP ‘Death Rave’ is coming out later 2023.

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