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  • Jason Hesley

Vesuvian to release "Emergence"

US Symphonic Melodic Death Metal band Vesuvian set April 9th, 2023 as the international release date for their long-awaited debut full-length album Emergence. Check out their impressive debut video for the first single On Cursed Sands”: First official music video and lead single of Seattle Washington based melodic death metal band Vesuvian off of their upcoming full length "Emergence". Follow us on a conceptual journey through the eyes of “The Witness” in a gray dystopia in which humanity has lost the land to the infected. Filmed and edited by Zachary Purnell at ZPR Studios. Album track listing: 01 - Emergence 02 - Seas of Grey 03 - Grief Drinkers 04 - Sunless Dreams 05 - Architects of Ruin I: Indoctrinate 06 - On Cursed Sands 07 - For Those We Left Behind 08 - Writing Folktales 09 - In The Gallows At The Edge of The World

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