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  • Jason Hesley

Verikalpa releases "Sammalsynti" video!

"Tuomio" is the most accessible record ever in Verikalpa's discography, and yet another intense and aggressive display of power. The new album showcases an exceptional guitar work and a pristine production, enhancing the majestic melodies for which they are known for and taking their songwriting to the next level.

Lyrically-wise, this is a mixed bag of fictional stories about drinking, partying, fighting, and of course a bunch of crazy Finnish folklore creatures setting up the stage. A very fun and easy collection of songs & tales to listen to, alongside rivers of beer and weird Northern liquors!

"Tuomio" tracklist:

1. Arvon Tuomari

2. Laulava Vainaja

3. Noijan Sauna

4. Sammalsynti

5. Tuhkakruunu

6. Tulimerten Taa

7. Hakkaa Hakkaa

8. Maat Hauraan Hautaa

9. Eksyneet

10. Veritonttu

11. Kaunan Valta

12. Tuomio

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