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  • Jason Hesley

VERDERBNIS: sign with Black Sunset/MDD, debut album in autumn!

Although only founded in 2020, the melodic black metallers VERDERBNIS have already played some established stages in their young career. Not surprising when you know that you are dealing with experienced and scene-tested musicians. At the end of 2022, the band from Kassel, together with producer Torsten Sauerbrey (Atomwinter, Kambrium, Dark At Dawn, Burden of Grief), finished its debut album, which convinces with strong melodies, unforgettable riffs, melodic, sensitive guitar work and at the same time raw musical brutality and uncompromisingness. The material has left a lasting impression on Black Sunset/MDD, so that the band and the label were able to agree on a cooperation relatively quickly and will release the first longplayer together in autumn. More info soon!

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