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UNDERTAKERS: Italian death-grinders premiere "Religion is a Crime" video!

Today, iconic Italian death-grinders UNDERTAKERS premiere the official video of new single "Religion is a Crime" at THIS LOCATION!

The band released a new compilation entitled “Dictatorial Democracy” on 30th October 2020 via Time To Kill Records.

“Dictatorial Democracy” features a few brand new songs, old classics from the band's back catalogue and a couple of acclaimed cover songs: “Fascist Pig”, originally by Suicidal Tendencies,and “Ripetutamente” by Neapolitan band 99 Posse.



01. Best Hate (New)

02. Dictatorial Democracy (New)

03. Religion is a Crime (New)

04. I’m the Motherfucker *

05. Fascist Pig **

06. Ripetutamente ***

Side B

07. My Pride *

08. The Night of Bastards *

09. It’s time to Die****

10. The Riotmaker****

11. Society vs Society ****

12. Human Decline *****

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