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  • Jason Hesley

Unborn Generation’s 7th album titled “…and All We Forget” will be released during the spring of 2024!

"Kivun kuilu" is the first single from the album. Song introduces the album's Crust style: cold, fierce and dark expression from the start to the end. The first single also presents the first song in Finnish with a new line-up. The upcoming release will feature songs in Finnish and English.


Listen to the single on music services:


Unborn Generation has been blasting their dirty grindcrust since 2002. Their intense sound can be described as fight-or-flight response inducing, yet at the same time tingling the backsides of melancholics with northern melodies.


The Finnish trio consists of Herkko Huttunen (vocals/guitar), Eetu Huttunen (drums) and Arto Kettunen (bass). They have released six albums, five of them including the output of previous  vocalist Juho-Pekka Airaksinen.


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