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  • Jason Hesley

UK Melodic Doom Metal band Kaald released their new single "Short Breath"

United Kingdom's promising Melodic Doom Metal outfit, Kaald, is thrilled to invite you to listen their new single, "Short Breath".

Following the success of their debut singles "Dear Solitude" and "Join Us", Kaald returns with "Short Breath", a powerful track that explores the poignant reflections one might have in the waning moments of life, as the surrounding atmosphere grows thinner and colder.

Staying true to the roots of UK Doom and blending in the contemporary influences from the European melodic death scene, Kaald once again delivers a melodically rich and emotionally evocative sonic experience. "Short Breath" weaves a complex tapestry of dark, captivating melodies into the traditional framework of Doom Metal, offering a fresh yet familiar sound for fans of Katatonia, Insomnium, Anathema, Opeth, Novembre, and Alcest.

The band's line-up for this release includes Stu Norman on vocals and lead guitar, Chris Williams on drums, Tom McCarthy on bass, Matt Welch on guitar, and Bartek Kosinski on keys. "Short Breath" was recorded and produced by Kaald and Danny Cross at Sankofa Recording Studios, UK, with mixing handled by Danny Cross and mastering done by Tim Turan at Turan Audio.

About Kaald: Emerging from the UK's vibrant metal scene, Kaald is a Melodic Doom Metal act known for their unique blend of dark, captivating melodies and traditional Doom Metal sound. They made their debut with the singles "Dear Solitude" and "Join Us", and continue to redefine the boundaries of the genre with their innovative and emotionally evocative music.

Stream the track here:

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