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  • Jason Hesley

Udols to release "Songs For A Modern Transcendence" on April 25th!

An enemy of conventionalism and orthodoxy, Udols was born in 2018 with a clear purpose: to offer a surprising and radical blend of extreme metal, electronic music and ambient through progressive experimentation. Culminating a long process that began in 2020, the Barcelona musician now shows us the result of his new formula through Songs For A Modern Transcendence, his second album.

The opus is undoubtedly his most personal and crafted to date, this avant-garde alchemist tells us, “…it was born from the need to express the anguish in which we currently live, and from the feeling of being immersed in an era of change towards something uncertain and unknown”, he continues. “A journey that speaks of darkness and death, but also of hope and light, of the journeys of the imagination towards other worlds and of the transcendence of new life”.

After the jolt of the intro ‘Èxtasi’ you will find an intelligent and exuberant album recorded by the artist himself, also with the professional stamp that Eloi Boucherie (Vidres A La Sang, White Stones) ensures from his Farm Of Sounds studio, where he has mixed and mastered the work, as well as collaborating with his unmistakable voice in ‘La Muntanya Màgica’. David Trillo from the psychedelic and progressive rock band Ulls has contributed a guitar solo to ‘Thus We Knew The Universe’.

Songs For A Modern Transcendence is an original album, as eccentric and demanding as the planet we inhabit, which encourages you to gallop in ‘The Silent City’ through Martian jazz or to enter parallel universes where Arcturus, Dødheimsgard, Aborym, Imperial Triumphant, or the Shining from Norway can cohabit.

Udols is a healthy and transgressive fix to expand your body and soul.

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