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TOMORROW'S RAIN Announces New Album,"Ovdan," Coming April 19th Via AOP Records!

Updated: Feb 14

Israeli gothic doom metal band TOMORROW'S RAIN announces their 2nd album, Ovdan, will be released on April 19th with AOP Records. The highly anticipated record the region's rising band features guest collaborators from Mayhem, Sol Invictus, Dark Funeral, Mercyful Fate and Sisters of Mercy to name a few.Commenting on the impending record, the band states: "We are excited to announce our upcoming second full length album "Ovdan" to be released via A.O.P Records in April. "Ovdan" means Loss, the album was written and recorded during a dark period in our lives and the creative process was in fact our cure to get back to life after several traumatic events we faced, musically we pushed the boundaries and yet kept the vision started in our debut album "Hollow" (2020). We hope that Ovdan will light a candle at the edge of the tunnel for you as it did to us."Today, TOMORROW'S RAIN has revealed the record's first new song, "Sunrise," a video for which can be seen here:

Adding about the single, the band says: 

"'Ovdan' means loss, and Sunrise is a song for hope in an hour of need, a kind of personal prayer for a better future, writing and recording this album was a healing process for us from many tragic events we been through, Sunrise is the candle at the edge of the tunnel, a kind of force to keep us going along the road"

The band's sophomore album Ovdan, which is Hebrew for "Loss," marks the return of vocalist Yishai Swartz who suffered a near fatal heart attack and open heart surgery in early 2023. After nearly losing everything, Swartz and crew have emerged with resilient spirit and creative force on their most dynamic and ambitious record yet.

Pre-order Ovdan now at

Ovdan Tracklisting:

1. Roads (Feat. Andreas Vingback of Dark Funeral and Tony Wakeford of Sol Invictus)

2. Sunrise

3. Muaka (Feat. Attila Csihar of Mayhem)

4. Room 124

5. I Skuggornas Grav (Feat. Mickael Broberg of Unanimated and Anja Huwe of Xmal Deutschland)

6. Burning times (Feat. Jan Lubitzki of Depressive Age)

7. Turn Around (Feat Michael Denner of Mercyful Fate/King Diamond)

8. Convalescence

9. Rainbow

10. Intensive C. U.

11. Turn Around - Gothic Rock Version (Feat. Michael Denner of Mercyful Fate/King Diamond and Ben Christo of Sisters Of Mercy)

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