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  • Jason Hesley

Thrash Metal band Lomor release new music video "Broken Eternity" and announce tour on France!

Lomor released its debut album “Perseverance of Sickness” in last december. It made big impressions with its old-school Thrash Metal style in the path of big names like Testament, Kreator or even Slayer.

Less than a year later, Lomor is back with a fourth video, this time for the track "Broken Eternity". In the delirious atmosphere of a laboratory, sometimes immaculate, sometimes soiled, the character evolves in time between moments of frenzy, weariness and anger.

The band will also be on the road for a tour of France between November 29 and December 10, 2023. Dates to be announced shortly. Lomor is a band from Reunion Island, formed by Eric Castelnau (Vocals/Guitars) / Typhvs (Drums) / Micha (Bass).

TOUR DATES: 11.29 – Lyon (FR) / 11.30 – Marseille (FR) with Akiavel / 12.1 – Montpellier (FR) / 12.2 – Rambouillet (FR) with Akiavel / 12.7 – Angers (FR) / 12.8 – Chambéry (FR) / 12.9 – Annemasse (FR) with Mass Hysteria.

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