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  • Jason Hesley

THE SORROW OF BEING IMMACULATE To Release Debut EP Church Music For Satanists!

British Doom/sludge act THE SORROW OF BEING IMMACULATE is preparing to unveil the debut offering Church Music for Satanists on February 9th, 2024. 


"During a trip to North Wales Church Music for Satanists EP was written in a rented caravan in early Autumn 2023. Those long nights in the dank Welsh countryside and the fear of nefarious local folklore spirits Old Magw the Witch & The Gwyllion seeped into these songs giving them an atmospheric doom."

The title track makes for an immersive fuzz-fueled opener to this haunting debut. With a compelling motif and eerie mood, "Church Music for Satanists" sets the scene for the release. "Behemoth of Hallucinations" throws some variety in the mix with a dark layering of multiple guitar tones and discordant melodies before diving into the heavy distortion. Exploring eerie soundscapes and droning instrumentation, "Return of the Puritan" offers a shadowy interlude before venturing back into guitar-driven plains in "My Temporary Heartbeat". The EP contains five dynamic tracks and two industro mixes that offer an intriguing and compelling debut of THE SORROW OF BEING IMMACULATE's sound.


Based out of Oxfordshire, UK, THE SORROW OF BEING IMMACULATE draws musical influences from the likes of ELECTRIC WIZARD, BLACK SABBATH, EARTH, and SUNN, to name a few. Horror films and nature, particularly woodland provide thematic inspiration and imagery that bleeds through the project's sound. THE SORROW OF BEING IMMACULATE has been active in the Oxford music scene for the past couple of years, supporting Norwegian Stoner band KAL-EL, Desertfest regulars WALL and DESERT STORM at various venues in a previous project.

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