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  • Jason Hesley

THE SILENT WEDDING – new video “Song Of The Dead”

The Silent Wedding is a heavy metal band, formed in 2008 by releasing their first self-titled EP, with the reviewers describing The Silent Wedding as a "Heavy Metal bandwith Prog & Power influences".

The band entered the studio in 2020 and started working on new material andcompleted the recordings of their new album entitled "EgoPath" in 2021. "EgoPath"was introduced to the public on Dec. 17th, 2021 with the release of the single "TimeofDarkness", whilst the 2nd track of the album with title"Caught in the Web"was released on the 28 of Jan. 2022. "Ego Path"was released in its entirety on February 11, 2022 and has already receivedstunning reviews frompress inall over the world.

Having completed a year since the release of their impressive album 'Ego Path' The Silent Wedding release their new video for 'Song of the Dead' made by John Kaimakamis & the Nightwatchers.

This song meets the dramatic climax of the album, including all the elements that distinguish the sound of the Athenian Prog-Power metallers. Inspired by a popular epic novel and much-loved television series, it stands out for its immediacy, lyricism, power and emotional swings. In this imposing finale, the central meaning of the record is summed up with a choral outburst that fascinates.

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