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  • Jason Hesley

THE OBSESSED Announce Canadian Invasion Tour!

THE OBSESSED are gearing up to embark on their Canadian Invasion Tour this July. The veteran doom metal quartet will be joined by WITCHROT and THE DEATH WHEELERS (along with HAZEHOUND in Montreal), a special presentation of Fuzzed and Buzzed, the disruptive record label from Toronto specializing in all things Doom.

"Hey Wino here. I just wanted to say, on behalf of myself and my band THE OBSESSED, we are excited and looking forward to our upcoming Canadian shows, July 26 through 29. I am proud to say also we have a new member Canadian guitarist Jason Taylor on second guitar. Having lived a short time in Ottawa as a youngster, the majestic beauty of Canada was imprinted on me forever."

Tour Dates:

July 26 - Quebec - L’ ANTI BAR, Tickets Here!

July 27 - Montreal - PIRANHA BAR* (This show also features HAZEHOUND), Tickets Here!

July 28 - Ottawa - MAVERICKS BAR, Tickets Here!

July 29 - Toronto - BOVINE SEX CLUB, Tickets Here!

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