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  • Jason Hesley

The Lifted Veil to release "Genocidal Bliss of Heaven" from GRIND TO DEATH RECORDS in April.

The Lifted Veil emerged from the shadows of Mikkeli, Finland, in 2014, forging their path in the realm of Blackened Death metal. With a sonic arsenal that merges the ferocity of death metal with the obscure atmospheres of black metal, the band quickly gained recognition for their hauntingly intense sound.

Formed by a collective of musicians driven by a shared passion for the darker realms of metal, The Lifted Veil embarked on a journey to explore the boundaries of sonic extremity. Their music, characterized by blistering guitar riffs, relentless drumming, and guttural vocals, casts a haunting veil that transports listeners to the abyss.

As the years unfolded, The Lifted Veil honed their craft through numerous live performances and studio endeavors, solidifying their presence in the Finnish metal scene. Their lyrical themes delve into the macabre, weaving tales of existential dread, cosmic horror, and the shadows that dwell within the human psyche.

The band's discography, marked by albums such as "The Wicked Shall Inherit the Earth" and "Grand Design of the Apocalypse" showcases their evolution as artists pushing the boundaries of extreme metal. The Lifted Veil's commitment to atmospheric intricacies and unrelenting brutality has garnered them a dedicated fanbase both in Finland and beyond.

In the heart of Mikkeli, The Lifted Veil continues to be a force in the blackened death metal scene, with each performance an invocation of sonic darkness that leaves an indelible mark on those who dare to journey into their realm.

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