• Jason Hesley

The band: Rancid Taint Discharge

The story begins in the fall of 2015, when Hexter moved in with Setä. The enviroment was chaotic, to say the least, and fueled the inspiration to express oneselves through the deep end of extreme metal. Naked grandma in the stairway... suicidal pensioners, nocturnal kids and deranged alcoholics as their neighbours... constant visits by the police or ambulance... it takes less for a man to unleash himself. The song wrote themselves and the band was formed somewhere during 2016.

Violence is an integral part of death metal, and it has been the trend since its upheaval to compete between bands on who is the most brutal, who is the darkest. Taste the Love is an alternative approach. By not focusing on the grimness of the acts but the joy in them the situations become even more distressing. The perspective is always of the perpetrators and the atmosphere is manic, as there’s only so far you can go with agony. This is present in both, the lyrics and the composition. Album is set to be released worldwide on August 28th

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