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TEITAN premieres second single "MURDER ME"

At present, ONISM PRODUCTIONS &VOID WANDERER PRODUCTIONS are elated to announce the second full-length 'IN OCULUS ABYSS' by the Psychotic Black Metal of TEITAN from The Netherlands!

Devi Hisgen: "In 2008, Damon and I were still teenagers and huge fans of Marduk, Dark Funeral and Mayhem and we wanted to create an Underground Black Metal-project where chaos was the main inspiration. We recorded one demo 'Dark Ritual' that we released in 2009 through Zwaertgevegt (which was their very first release as well) and that’s where Teitan seemed to die a silent death. In the meantime I joined other bands and later started Cthuluminati. I got into the psychedelic scene more and more, but my love for Black Metal never vanished."

"Ten years later Damon asked me if I would like to revive Teitan again, for old times sake, but this time as a solo venture. I got enthusiastic about it and wrote and recorded 'Weight of the Void' (2019) and released that again through Zwaertgevegt. My actual motivation was practicing songwriting and music production. But when I wrote and recorded the follow up EP 'Vákuum' (2021) I really got the taste of it. Teitan had become a project where I really got emotionally invested in. And so I took the time to write the second full-length 'In Oculus Abyss'. This time I really wanted to work out a solid theme and I think I worked for over more then one and a half year on the whole album."


1. Menstrual Blood and Pomegranate (5:22)

2. From Under the Floorboard (5:00)

3. Murder Me (4:57) +Second single premieres on May 6th

4. Drowning in Knowledge (3:00)

5. Insectoid (4:01) *First single premieres on April 14th

6. The Die is Cast (6:31)

7. Public Masturbation (5:13)

8. Gang Mahal (6:28)

9. Purple Void (5:43)

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