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  • Jason Hesley

TEETH - Debut EP A Biblical Worship Of Violence Out Now!

The volatile powerhouse that is Ontario, Canada’s hardcore/metal quintet TEETH have emerged from the sludge of a foul generation - a vessel whose sole purpose is to create the most assailing, aggressive music imaginable. Born from illegal back-alley shows that resulted in literal fires, TEETH has come off a string of sold-out - and absolutely vicious - headliners while independently amassing over 1 million streams, gaining recognition from metal titans SLIPKNOT and deathcore innovators EMMURE. TEETH is just getting started, and they’re playing for keeps.

Today marks the release of the bands debut EP A Biblical Worship Of Violence - now available digitally via Nuclear Blast Records - accompanied by a video for their new single "We Eat Our Young", animated by Sam Beck (Spite, Carnifex). The vinyl format will be shipped on July 21st.

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