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Symphony Towers seeks healing in its brand-new music video!

Hailing from the scenic city of Torres in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and currently based in Bangkok, Thailand, the heavy and melodic power metal band Symphony Towers, led by the talented multi-instrumentalist Janilson Quadros, has just released the music video for their fourth single "Relief", taken from their fifth career album "Isolation".

The lyrics of "Relief" address the quest for healing, the balance of mind and spirit, and the psychological aftermath of the pandemic, adding an even more significant layer to the musical experience.

With a cohesive and compelling fusion of classic heavy metal, power metal, prog metal, and captivating melodies, Symphony Towers is emerging as a revitalizing force in the international music scene. Through the band's skillful incorporation of the classic elements of these styles, they present their music with deep emotion and authenticity, avoiding any trace of predictable patterns.

Watch the music video for "Relief" at

"Isolation" presents a captivating set of six songs that delve deep into the theme of isolation, exploring the nuances of this state. All songs often evoke ambiguous and negative emotions.

Listen to "Isolation" at

Recorded by Janilson Quadros in his Home Studio in Bangkok, Thailand.Mixing and Mastering by Roger Fingle (Blood Tears, Seduced by Suicide) at Nitro Studio in Caxias do Sul/RS.Cover art by Mario Candiota.

Janilson Quadros shares his thoughts about the new album: "Creating this record was challenging as it required us to maintain our characteristic style from previous albums, while simultaneously seeking musical evolution by incorporating elements of Power Metal. However, having finished, I believe we have achieved a remarkable balance and delivered a work that proves to be captivating and engaging to listen to."

From the pursuit of dreams to loneliness, sadness, the endless search for faith and salvation, wars and conflicts related to religion, and a connection to a higher religious entity, the lyrics of "Isolation" explore a wide range of themes. In other words, they represent the search for inspiration in the continuity of life, even when facing conflicting emotions.

Featuring Roger Fingle's fine production, "Isolation" deftly demonstrates the project's ability to maintain its distinctive musical identity and elevate it to a level of excellence that will undoubtedly delight the ears of genre aficionados, thanks to the epic layers and progressive elements it incorporates.

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