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  • Jason Hesley

Symphonic Metal Sensation BELLE MORTE Releases New Single & Video "Black Waters"

Belle Morte once again takes the world by storm with their latest release, "Black Waters," featuring a stunning collaboration with Indonesian virtuoso, Maulana Malik Ibrahim. This captivating track marks the fifth installment in Belle Morte's international collaborative series, where they seamlessly blend symphonic metal with authentic Indonesian sounds, showcasing the band's unparalleled prowess in combining diverse musical elements.

"Black Waters" delves into uncharted territory for Belle Morte, presenting an evocative fusion of symphonic metal and the soulful essence of Indonesian music. At the heart of this masterpiece are the entrancing melodies of the suling and gamelan, brought to life by the incomparable talent of Maulana Malik Ibrahim. His enchanting guest vocals in Sundanese add an ethereal dimension to the track, making it the most romantic offering from Belle Morte to date.

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