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  • Jason Hesley

Stoned Morose, are set to release their second single, "(Rise) Om Phoenix on March 17th!

Florida-based riff dealers, Stoned Morose, are set to release their second single, "(Rise) Om Phoenix," from their debut EP "Pure Hesher Doom" on March 17th. The track was recorded at LedBelly Sound Studio in Georgia and promises to be a one-two punch with slam riffs and a hint of black metal couched inside a respectable punk length of under two minutes.

Frontman Jay Stoned readily admits that the inspiration behind their latest release is rooted in his personal experiences. "(Rise) Om Phoenix is very much a short meditative journey, rising to the occasion and burning off the old facade that no longer serves you. A few years ago, I had begun intensive meditative and yoga practices to deal with physical and mental wear and tear, and these mantras naturally crept into the songwriting process."

Stoned Morose will celebrate the release of "(Rise) Om Phoenix" with two shows in Florida. The first will be on April 6th at Born Free Pub in Tampa with Drifter (Atlanta), Dirtwitch (Tampa), and Hollowleg (Orlando). The second show will be on April 7th at Metalworx Live in Orlando with Drifter (ATL), Moat Cobra (Orlando), Dirtwitch (Tampa), and Hollowleg (Orlando).

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