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  • Jason Hesley

Step into the golden era of Epic Power Metal with Masterful's captivating come-back new release!

The French-Brazilian band Masterful has recently returned to its activities after a 8-year hiatus through the release of their new single, Warrior that's avaliable in all digital plataforms.

It's formed by Brazilian lead singer Lean Van Ranna (lead and backup vocals), the multi-instrumentalist Jean Michel Volz (rhytmn guitars, bass guitars, keys and drums) and the awesome guitarrist Marcelo Alvix, who has outstanding expertise in classic and neoclassic guitars. Masterful intents to bring back the 90's Power Metal vibe joined to modern nuances with lots of elegance and majestic vocal melodies.

"Warrior" is a song about a space medieval warrior. It was inspired on Marvel's Gladiator that's one of the most power characters which could rivalize even with Superman.

"After we had reestablished our friendship, it would be natural for Masterful to be back and now we're definitely back the story is (re)starting", declared Jean Michel Volz.

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