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  • Jason Hesley

Star Wars Death Metal - ECRYPTUS - Kyr'am Beskar out this Friday on SBDC Records!

Friday, Jan 14th the dark side of the force returns with Star Wars death metal band Ecryptus and their new EP “Kyr’am Beskar” (Mandalorian for “Death Metal”).

The EP is being unleashed via SBDC Records and features 4 grinding tracks of crushing death metal inspired by the Dark Side. Each song is a gruesome tome from the Canon Arcane, serving shredding riffs, ripping thrash solos, epic overtures, and inhuman drums!

Originally hailing from Korriban, but now stranded in Atlanta, Georgia, Ecryptus plays Star Wars themed death metal and they have a new EP ready for metalheads across the galaxy.

The release of “Kyr’am Beskar” (Mandalorian for “Death Metal”) follows two demos (2002/2004); The Continuum LP (2005); Astral Crusades EP (2008) and a 7-inch single Rancorous (2018/2020). Each of these tells tales of the Dark side and its crusade against the tyranny of the rebel forces.

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