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  • Jason Hesley

STAGES OF DECOMPOSITION Unleashes A Macabre New Album “Raptures of Psychopathy”

Since their highly acclaimed debut album “Piles of Rotting Flesh”, Stages Of Decomposition has been melting faces with their brand of sadistic, brutal death metal and touring consistently. They are ready to slay people sonically again with their new album “Raptures of Psychopathy”, a composition that is conceptualized by all things horror and will cater to fans of all things obscene and extreme. The band shares their excitement:

“We are beyond excited to finally have this long overdue full-length album out and ready for all our fan’s listening pleasure. It has been a long and gruelling process to get all this done but we are proud to have completed everything just the way we wanted. Raptures of Psychopathy is an album to capture the minds of the psychotic as anything in life we as humans all can relate to in one way or another but nonetheless, we are all still humans and have aggression that needs to be released. For us, it is through music and this album truly defines the raptures we receive when going through our psychopathies.”

Each of the eleven songs on “Raptures of Psychopathy” embodies a concept relative to the overall gory theme of the album. Stages of Decomposition likes to explore all facets of the general horror theme – from movies to serial killers, and events and deliver those stories with frantic riffs, inhumane drumming, and guttural vocals that will claw into them.

Dive into the minds of deranged serial killers as Stages of Decomposition offers a thought-provoking and alternative perspective. Due out on February 2, 2024, by Gore House Productions, “Raptures of Psychopathy” is recommended for anyone who enjoys slamming brutal death grind along with Kraanium, Suffocation, and Mortician.

The album can be heard via its full-stream premiere on MetalInsider HERE.

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