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STÄLKER Releases Grueling, Gory Horror Music Video for Brand New Single, "Holocene's End"

New Zealand's speed metal overlords STÄLKER are returning with yet another lesson in raw and in-your-face heavy metal, breathing the spirit and danger of the glorious 80s. Following 2019's globally acclaimed Powermad EP, the band's impatiently awaited second full-length album, Black Majik Terror, will be released on October 30, 2020 via Napalm Records.

Today, the band releases a delight for every fan of aggressive 80s metal as well as any horror aficionado out there. The music video for their third single, "Holocene's End", is another monument of classic B-Movie extravaganza: drenched in occultism, dirt and a lot of gore. A masterpiece on its own. Proving that they aren’t afraid to change the pace to set the right mood, “Holocene’s End”'s intro shows STÄLKER nearing doom metal territory before plunging back into the speed metal we know them for. This eerie introduction immediately invokes an unsettling aura that is only heightened by Daif’s anguished vocal performance and maniacal laughter. As the track’s speed picks back up to match the rest of Black Majik Terror, “Holocene's End” offers one of STÄLKER’s most ambitious song structures to date, graced tastefully with an exceptional call and response solo from guitarist Chris and capped off with a classic horror fueled synth outro. “Holocene's End” is without a doubt one of STÄLKER's most unique numbers.

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