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  • Jason Hesley

SMORRAH release Single & Video "Welcome To Your Nightmare"

With their debut album "Welcome To Your Nightmare", SMORRAH release a total of 9 variedly conceived and hellishly powerfully produced songs.

High tension is guaranteed:

"Welcome To Your Nightmare" energetically takes the listener on a gripping journey into the dark abysses of human psychology, leaving you hardly any time to catch your breath - the deliciously tight, bludgeon-from-the-bag quartet really does more than justify the legend surrounding the band's name!

Tireless headbangers, maniacal Thrashers and hungry Groove heads will all get their money's worth.

And anyone who has experienced these four likeable, down-to-earth heavyweights from Gelsenkirchen at one of their highly explosive and absolutely sweat-inducing live shows knows that there is only one direction with SMORRAH: Straight ahead!

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