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  • Jason Hesley

SINN-INC to release "Kill your Idols"

SINN-INC is a studio project committed to re-recording tracks originally by the French thrash metal band SINN (1998-2013).

Managed by guitarist Mahtai from Paris and with musicians from Canada, Argentina and Italy, SINN-INC presents a compelling fusion of hardcore thrash metal with melodic overtones and occasional subdued atmospheres, complemented by raw and, at times, provocative lyrics.

SINN-INC have successfully recorded 8 tracks, sourced from the SINN's inaugural demo from 1999 and their debut EP released in 2003.

These 8 tracks collectively constitute the first SINN-INC album, entitled "Kill Your Idols," which will be available on January 22nd 2024 on all major digital platforms.

The album artwork has been created by Hungarian artist Csaba Kasik. It symbolizes the struggle to discover the path to freedom of thought, to transcend our certitudes, ingrained thoughts, and ideological, religious, and cultural beliefs. It entails a form of self-renewal, a deliberate annihilation of one's former self—a symbolic suicide paving the way for a more improved rebirth.

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