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Shaving the Werewolf - Norwegian Metal/Noise-Rock Collective Share New EP "God Whisperer"

Oslo, Norway’s experimental-metal/noise-rock collective SHAVING THE WEREWOLF today share their new EP "God Whisperer" in its entirety, just one day ahead of the release date set for tomorrow, March 22nd.

The entire EP is now playing at Heavy Blog Is Heavy, who had this to say about the band's sound "Their music is infused with the kind of frenetic, tittering, about-to-explode energy which my heart sometimes can't do without, blending mathcore, grind, noise rock, and any other rage-fueled chaos you can imagine."

Listen to "God Whisperer" in full here.

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Jørgen Øiseth Berg and featuring the artwork of Martin Mentzoni, "God Whisperer" is as ugly and insisting as anything the band have done before. Inspired by the pathological know-it-all who poison the world with their selfish and militant ignorance, these five tracks see SHAVING THE WEREWOLF exploring deeper into the sprawling crevices of their established sound to bring you catchy hooks to snag your brain on and jagged edges to treat your mind with the same courtesy an angry box-cutter would, all bathed in corrosive dissonance.

Shaving the Werewolf have played disagreeable music for disagreeable people since they were founded in 2010. Birthed from power violence, noise rock and mathcore, they have chopped up their parents and put them back together into an uncanny chimera which would make Dr. Frankenstein green with envy.

Known for live shows as intense and horrid as their music which have left audiences both gagged and worried. Described as a car crash unfolding in slow motion or a person smashing their head into a brick wall for eternity, it is a sight which will leave your eyes sore and your ears in worse condition.

During their abysmal journey, Shaving the Werewolf have released several eps, singles and a full-length album. Last year the band released a split-tape with Bergen's hardcore antiheroes Utflod.

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