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  • Jason Hesley

SEEDS OF PERDITION sign to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions!

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have signed Philadelphia's Death/Thrash Metal destroyers SEEDS OF PERDITION. The new album Suffering Of The Dead is up now for pre-order and will be released September 10th on CD and Digital formats. Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome SEEDS OF PERDITION to the roster with the new album Suffering Of The Dead! Hailing from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, SEEDS OF PERDITION were formed in 2010 by Daniel Loughry and George Cathers (Insatanity, Polterchrist). Along with the rhythm driving force of Steve Raimer (Blasphemous, Infernal Opera) and Dan McGrouty, the band takes root in early Death/Thrash Metal combined with a dark foreboding ambiance, striving to create a more atmospheric style of extreme music that is a barrage of raw intensity. Suffering Of The Dead is a terror stricken journey into the darkness of mankind that features the vicious vocal attack of Chris Natalini (Blood Feast, Final Prayer, Dawn Of Correction, Circle Of Fear) and was recorded at Rhawn Street Studios in Philadelphia (Incantation, Goreaphobia, Blood Storm). For fans of Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, Suffocation and Testament. Watch the music video for album track "Dead Inside" at Pre-order Suffering Of The Dead at Pre-save this release on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. at TRACK LISTING: 1. Dead Inside 2. Sons Of Corruption 3. Sins Of Thy Father 4. God Ends Here 5. Suffering Of The Dead 6. From Within 7. Choking On Nothing 8. Psychosis

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