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  • Jason Hesley

Scarlet Empyrean's "Nysthica" is a raw atmospheric Black Metal journey from the U.S.

Introducing the enigmatic force, Scarlet Empyrean, with their debut offering "Nysthica". Released on August 11, 2023, this self-released Black Metal voyage stands as a testament to the undying spirit of the genre. Hailing from the United States, this enthralling collection captures the essence of atmospheric aggression with the tracks “Eros & Dust”, “Clever Hopes Expire”, and “The Edge of Life”.

Scarlet Empyrean, steered by the talents of Nattlyd who assumes every role from instrumentation to vocals, ventures into a realm where sonic landscapes evoke profound emotions.

Paying homage to Black Metal luminaries such as Drudkh, Burzum, and Wolves in the Throne Room, "Nysthica" resonates with fans who cherish raw intensity fused with atmospheric undertones. The album was diligently crafted at Heaven's Night Sound during AW/21-22, embodying a profound philosophical and mythological ethos.

With an extremely limited run of 30 cassettes, which are on the brink of selling out, Scarlet Empyrean has made a distinct mark. To immerse yourself in their world, visit the official Heaven's Night pages, as it remains the sole source of authentic information for Scarlet Empyrean. For the dedicated few, there’s an opportunity to discuss larger distribution options, including potential 7” LPs in the horizon.

Dive into the atmospheric realms of "Nysthica" and let Scarlet Empyrean guide you through their unique auditory narrative.

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