• Jason Hesley

Sadhayena Release New Album Mist of Fury!

Energy and aggressiveness are the key words to describe the music released by the French band Sadhayena, progressing in a metal style tinged with thrash, heavy, groovy, progressive... for a result that is both modern and innovative. 

The project, initially formed by Martin "Shenzi" Lourdelet and Romain "Raven" Scortatore, has evolved during its existence to offer a music rich in melodies and power. With a new line-up with Antoine Denis on drums and his latest recruit on vocals, Quentin Le Querré, the band is back with a new album, Mist of Fury, released on August 28th.  This new opus marks a revival for Sadhayena, going from a more traditional style to a much more varied and surprising music, not hesitating to mix many genres related to metal in order to keep as many fans as possible loyal to their music. Mist of Fury was recorded and mixed at Brown Bear Recording and mastered at Deviant Lab (Ultra Vomit, Mass Hysteria, ...). 

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