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  • Jason Hesley

Sabotage India to release "Pishach" in January!

"Pishach" is a thrash metal album from Sabotage India, featuring 8 tracks that delve into varied themes like Viking legend Ragnar Lothbrok, necrophiliac fantasy, revenge, and dystopian worlds. The title 'Pishach' is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Pishacha', meaning evil. The album marks a departure from the band's usual style, incorporating the native Indian instrument "Chenda" from Kerala. It also boasts a unique music video for "Love Undead", portraying a necrophiliac woman's psychotic tale. The album skillfully blends modern and old-school sounds, distinguishing each track from their previous works.

Vocals: Anand Mulgund
Bass: Rahul Bhatt
Rhythm Guitar: Cyril John Thomas
Lead Guitar: Yash Pujari
Drums: Malhar Bhanushali
Eye for an Eye
Love Undead
Victory or Valhalla
Valley of Death
Melody of Betrayal
Demons in Paradise

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