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  • Jason Hesley

RITUAL DICTATES Announces Sophomore Album!

RITUAL DICTATES is back! Their sophomore album, No Great Loss, will be released on October 7th via Artoffact Records and with it, a dramatic shift in their sound.

Justin Hagberg elaborates on the release: “These unsettling and depressing times contributed to the change in Ritual Dictates’ sound. That, and working full time graveyard shifts in a crematorium during a global pandemic.”

“And through it all I listened to an abundance of music, drunk what seemed to be bottomless wine, and wrote No Great Loss.”

In addition to the album announcement, RITUAL DICTATES, is also revealing the first taste of their new musical adventure, single and lyric video “Burn The Widow”

Further commenting, Hagberg adds of the track: “No Great Loss opens with Burn the Widow. It feels appropriate to premiere this song first, mainly because it captures much of the vast musical influences heard throughout the album.

It’s also the shortest song on this record, which makes it less tedious for someone who can’t bear more than 3:52 of our music.”

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