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  • Jason Hesley

RANĂ: German black metal punks premiere "Läutern" single, new album "Richtfeuer" out in June!

German black metal punks RANĂ will be releasing their new album, "Richtfeuer", on June 16th 2023 via Breath Sun Bone Blood, making it the band's debut to the label. Today, No Clean Singing is premiering the album's first single, "Läutern", at THIS LOCATION. With "Richtfeuer“ RANĂ returns at full force in collaboration with Breath Sun Bone Blood with their second full length album. The album’s title "Richtfeuer" translates to “Leading Fire” or “Beacon”, and that is exactly what this album does…. Leads us into the burning down of this world with the hope of building a better one. Four tracks of raging black metal punctuated with elements of d-beat driven neo-crust, chanted atmospheres, and mournfully oppressive doom, laced with melancholic guitar themes and vocal desperation. Starting with the devastating and crushing power of the 11 minute opener "Läutern", RANĂ sets the course for the coming 40 minute despair riddled assault. "Flamura", the second track sets the tone with a more d-beat blackened crust tone which quickly deteriorates into furious blast beats… Desperation and urgency creating a feeling of relentless anxiety. The third track "Richtfeuer" opens with chanted vocals and mournful picked guitars that devolve into slabs of doom thrown at the listener, with heartbreaking melodic lines supported and then obliterated by black buzz. "Our Smouldering Grief / Im Brand", the album's final chapter (the first half also appeared on 2022’s "Black Metal Rainbows" Compilation) features melancholic guitar lines weaving in and out of hope and despair. Between life and death. The second half of the closing aural assault, “Im Brand", leaves the listener in a pile of ash and rubble, tripping over the remnants of the world and frameworks this album wishes to destroy. And deeply ingrained in the gut-wrenching grief of this album is a hopeless call to arms. A futile attempt to strive and rebel to find a crack in the circle…. And to find solace in potentially failing in the process, only to rise again, burning. Beautiful. Utterly brutal. Antifascist Black Metal. CD packaged in oversized A5 offset print with metallic gold, recycled natural ultra matte stock. Two sided poster and printed canvas logo patch inside. Cassette j-card offset print with metallic gold on recycled natural ultra matte stock. Two sided poster and printed canvas logo patch included. Tracklist:

01. Läutern 02. Flamura 03. Richtfeuer 04. Our Smouldering Grief / Im Brand

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