• Jason Hesley

QWÄLEN: Finnish black metal punks premiere "Polku"

Finnish black metallers QWÄLEN have signed to Italian label Time To Kill Records for the release of their first album, "Unohdan sinut".

The album will see an official release on 19th February 2021 on limited edition vinyl and digital formats.

The band states: "We guess Darkthrone, Nifelheim, Bathory, Terveet Kädet are the acts that we are influenced by. Some things you can hear in the sound, some not. The band's sound sort of just comes out as it is, even though we try to write songs with whatever focus there is".


01 - Pimeä tila

02 - Viekää minut pois

03 - Polku

04 - Hän ei tule koskaan

05 - Rituaali

06 - Unohdan sinut

07 - Temppeli

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