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  • Jason Hesley

Pthumulhu release Tungumál Svarthola

Pthumulhu, the emerging force from the icy depths of Iceland's landscapes, announces the release of their highly anticipated debut album, "Tungumál Svarthola." This blackened doom metal opus is set to engulf listeners in a sonic journey through the enigmatic language of black holes and the darkest recesses of the universe.

Formed in 2022 by seasoned members of the Icelandic metal scene, Pthumulhu transcends traditional musical boundaries with a sound as deep and mysterious as the cosmic phenomena that inspire it. Drawing from years of experience in various black, death, and doom metal bands, the members of Pthumulhu unite under a shared vision to create something heavier and more sinister than anything they've previously conjured.

Produced and recorded by D.G. of Misþyrming, "Tungumál Svarthola" is a 42-minute exploration of existential dread, cosmic insignificance, and the beauty found within the embrace of oblivion. Each track on the album channels the chaotic energy and rumblings of the cosmos, delivering a crushing and profound auditory experience that transcends space and time.

Pthumulhu's sound is a dense tapestry of blackened doom metal, interwoven with elements that evoke the vastness and mystery of the cosmos. Guitars weave a heavy, foreboding atmosphere, while drums mimic the pulsations of collapsing stars. Vocals, ranging from screams to growls, serve as a conduit for the pain of celestial bodies ensnared in the death grip of black holes. Through metaphor and imagery, the band's lyrics elevate their music to a form of dark poetry, inviting listeners to ponder their existence against the backdrop of the infinite universe.

"Tungumál Svarthola" is not just an album; it's an auditory journey through the depths of space and the human psyche. Join Pthumulhu as they delve into the cosmic darkness and emerge with a profound understanding of the mysteries that lie beyond.

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