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  • Jason Hesley

Precious Blood unleash video of their latest live performance "Bastard Rejoice"

One of Atlantic Canada's most talked about new heavy metal entities, Precious Blood have dropped a blistering live performance “Bastard! Rejoice!” to follow up their inaugural Blood Ceremony at The Abbey in St. John's this past November. But hopeful converts to the Order of the Precious Blood won't need to wait long for the next unholy sacrament.

The band, comprised of vocalist Paul Brake (Wastecase, RocketRocketShip!), drummer Adam Hearn (Release the Hounds, Faster than Felix), guitarists Barry O’Keefe (Release the Hounds, Rivals) and Cameron Legge (Slowpoke, Anoxia) and bassist Ben Chapman-Smith (Slowpoke, Headloss), will take to the Peter Easton Pub on Friday March 24th with special guests Smoke Signals, Knarl and the debut performance of Giant Giant.

Tickets are $10 and restricted to patrons 19+. Stay tuned for much more from the Order of the Precious Blood

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