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Possessor announce new album 'Damn The Light' / Share new single 'Coffin Fit'

Hopped up on horror and forged in the fires of hell comes the raging new LP from the 3-headed proto-metal beast that is Possessor: DAMN THE LIGHT. 

With ripping amps about to blow, a barrage of overdriven bass attack and pile-driver drums from beyond the grave, this mausoleum of riffs and madness will take your soul and wake the dead. 44 minutes of horror drenched metal, nine tales of mayhem and one vulgar ritualistic interlude await those brave enough to enter this twisted realm between life and death. Will you survive or will you succumb to The Strangeness?

Speaking on first single ‘Coffin Fit’, Possessor's Graham Bywater (guitars/vocals) comments, 

'Coffin Fit showcases our unhinged love of all things metal as it flies out of the gates with an ancient and unholy sounding lysergic swagger inspired by the likes of Church of Misery and later Darkthrone before galloping off into the night with a crowd surfing NWOBHM attack on the soul. Solos flying free and drums catapulting the listening into an abyss of horror crazed madness.'

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