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PARRILLA Goes for Charity With A New Version of Nirvana’s “Breed”

UK industrial metal band PARRILLA is proud to release a new version of Nirvana’s classic Breed. One lyric video has been unleashed for the song – watch it above.

PARRILLA collaborated with South East and Central Essex Mind, a charity which the band takes very close to heart. Breed is all about an anxious fear that Kurt Cobain has experienced, which he expressed within the song which ultimately added to the strain of his Mental Health, this is something the band wanted to express in their cover by adding heavy layers of background synthesisers and distorted voices to provide a vivid audio image of what someone with bad mental health might be experiencing.

Inspired heavily by the Neue Deutsche Harte Welle, Industrial Pop and Metal music, PARRILLA was conceived with the goal of being unafraid of exploring their musical horizons and incorporating elements from all types of genres to create the music they’ve always wanted to hear. This new version of Breed gives the listener a taste of what the album (release date to be announced) will sound like, as every song is different from the last ranging from Nu Metal to Industrial to Rap, this will demonstrate the bands sheer diversity while keeping true to the PARRILLA sound.

Breed has been mixed by Chris Howell and mastered by Reza Udhin (Inertia, The Devout, ex-Killing Joke and Black Volition) at Cryonica Audio Mastering. Artwork by Chris Howell & Dani Messmer.

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