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  • Jason Hesley

Param-Nesia to drop new EP "Aspect of Creation" on June 18th.

"Aspect of Creation is Param-Nesia's second release after 2019’s EP “The Beginning”, “Aspect of Creation” is heavy, melodic, and rides through technical death metal that will take you on an adventure.

Param-Nesia comes from the mind of Andy Cahalin who has been writing and recording solo for years while searching for the right members to begin this project. The ultimate goal is to write solid, fun songs, record and release albums, and tour/gig as much as possible. While fans will have to wait for a live performance, they can look forward to a lot of energy, rocking out, big smiles, and tight playing.

The five tracks on the EP cross subgenre boundaries making this brutal assault applicable for most metalheads.

“Aspect of Creation is our second EP, and we are very excited to share it with the world. As a band, we have been through a lot together. We have had a couple of member changes over the last couple of years, which changed the dynamic of the group. We currently have a roster that works very well creatively and feels like family. This EP is our testament to that. The sound and style have become more refined, our vision for our music, more clear. We mesh melody with brutality, to tell a story and take you on a journey.” – Param-Nesia

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