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  • Jason Hesley

PANSSARITUHO Take A Look At Humanity With ‘Sanansaattaja’

Sanansaattaja is the second full length album from Finnish death metal trio Panssarituho. It contains 10 songs of oldschool death metal. The songs vary from a Deicide-style of shredding to a Bolt Thrower-style of midtempo crushing. There is also a bit of black metal and grindcore mixed into few tracks. The album was self-recorded by the band and mixing and mastering was done with a little help from friends.

The lyrics are on Sanansaattaja are from Macellarius and Extremus with 7.62 being written by Macellarius, Extremus and Invicto. '7.62' is the caliber for an Finnish army rifle and the song is a ode to that. The topics are traditional deathmetal lyrics and they are inspired by human stupidity, violent behaviour, war, lust and the Finnish winter war. Overall they are an outburst of aggression caused by those subjects.

The artwork is a pile of ammo and that suits the nature of the lyrics well. The main colour of the cover is blood red.


01. Sanansaattaja | 02. Syvälle haudattu | 03. Jumala on kuollut | 04. 7.62 | 05. Teurasmarssi | 06. Mädäntynyt torso | 07. Sadonkorjuun aika | 08. Vihaan kuollut | 09. Ihmiskunnan tuho | 10. Teloitus

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