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  • Jason Hesley

Out this Friday: Cirkeln's The Primitive Covenant LP!

Little over a year following the release of his second album “A Song To Sorrow”, Cirkeln the one-man project of Stockholm-based underground musician known as Våndarr is back with another album that pays homage to the forefathers of black-metal.

Influenced by the primordial years of black-metal, Våndarr essentially wants to carry on the legacy of legendary artists like Venom, Celtic Frost and Bathory by forging an epic and heavy black-metal that is equally haunting, frantic, and majestic.

Whereas “A Song To Sorrow” was clearly influenced by epic and traditional black-metal of Bathory, this new album sees Våndarr incorporating more elements of old-school thrash-metal, primeval death-metal and even punk.

Set for release on November 3 via True Cult Records, "The Primitive Covenant" is truly nasty and evil trad-driven black-metal album.

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