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  • Jason Hesley

Out Soon: Sculforge - Intergalactic Battle Tunes!

Experience the thrilling fusion of sci-fi and Power Metal in Sculforge's debut album "Intergalactic Battle Tunes," releasing on 23rd June 2023. Embark on an epic journey with 26 tracks that narrate an intergalactic war tale, brought to life by seasoned musicians.

Experience the epic saga of intergalactic warfare like never before with Sculforge's debut album "Intergalactic Battle Tunes!" This groundbreaking high-speed Power Metal journey takes you from the dark side of the moon, through the Milky Way, and beyond!

When cabin fever struck seasoned musicians Polly McSculwood (vox, guit.) and Fabz McBlackscul (guitars) during lockdown in 2020, boredom ignited a grandiose idea: Sculforge. With Polly's passion for everything Sci-Fi, fantasy RPGs, PC games, and literature, the pair decided to weave an epic tale that echoes the vast, chaotic world of Warhammer 40K, where progress happens only on the battlefield.

"Intergalactic Battle Tunes" packs an epic punch with 26 riveting tracks. Each song is an intricate tapestry of power and thrash metal, punctuated by radio-play-like interludes that progress the thrilling narrative. Standouts include "Into The Never," "For The Omnisavior," and "The Sculforge Inn Incident." This album isn't just a collection of songs—it's a high-octane journey through time and space.

The band's unique line-up includes Polly McSculwood (Vocals & Guitar), Fabz McBlackscul (Guitar), Ariz Guinto (Bass), and Chris Merzinsky (Drums & Piano), all contributing to a virtuoso and fresh musical experience that fans of Helloween, Rhapsody, and Blind Guardian will adore.

Capturing the frenetic energy of their concept, the album was meticulously recorded at Hell’s Kitchen Studio Berlin and produced, mixed, and mastered by Fabian Pospiech & Sculforge. The cover by Aleh_z, and artwork by Oliver Göler & Fabian Pospiech, complement the saga's vast, mysterious universe.

Available from 23rd June 2023 via MDD Records, "Intergalactic Battle Tunes" is a thrilling ride for power metal and Sci-Fi fans alike. Join Sculforge on their musical odyssey through space and time and feel the force of the "Intergalactic Battle Tunes!"

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