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  • Jason Hesley

OUT now! Three Dead Fingers - "9 Apes"

Embarking on a transcendent nine-minute odyssey, "9 Apes" traverses a dynamic landscape of heavy down-tuned segments, interwoven with powerful melodic interludes and even ventures into the realm of guitar-infused techno. Noteworthy is Remy's new-age style on the guitar, a combination of the stylings of esteemed artists such as Tosin Abasi and Adam Jones, culminating in an unparalleled and distinctly unique musical expression.

Marking their first independent release, Three Dead Fingers unveils a step towards a more experimental musical direction, characterized by a fresh yet resonant auditory palette. This single serves as a glimpse into the band's forthcoming endeavors, showcasing the boundless potential of these 19-year-old musicians.

Notably, the band garnered widespread recognition with the debut of their debut album in 2019, a remarkable feat considering the young age of its members, who were merely 13 to 14 years old at the time of recording and release. However, with the passage of time, Three Dead Fingers has matured both musically and artistically, cementing their distinctive sound and artistic vision.

In essence, "9 Apes" can be described as a fusion of Tool-esque atmospherics intensified by the potency of Death Metal influences, promising an auditory experience unlike any other. Set to be unleashed upon the world on March 16th, prepare to embark on an exhilarating sonic journey crafted by Three Dead Fingers.

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